Social and Community Participation

Social and Community Participation

At WE CARE, social services are about providing support to people with special needs to take part in their community, to meet people, and try new things. Families should as well be more flexible in their parenting patterns, especially in the setting of a child with an NDIS participance.

In a survey performed in 2014*, the proportion of children with no disability having fun with their family most of the week was higher than that of children with special needs (73% as compared to 59%).

Thus in order to help in that sense, what kind of things will YOU get to do with us?

It’s all up to you!!!!

Would you like to hang out with some friends and family, at a picnic or BBQ?


  • Go to the movies
  • Go shopping
  • Visit an art gallery or museum (see how artists with special needs like Van Gogh became icons giving hope to our youngsters)
  • Go for day trips
  • Join a cultural party (essential for aboriginals and islanders’ emotional wellbeing)
  • Provide info exhibits about ongoing worldly events (pandemic, global warming, climate change) to be able to participate in social events
  • Skate wheelchair, soccer?
Or try a new hobby?
  • Learn folklore dancing
  • Try a musical instrument
For more information or any inquiries about our services, visit our website: or give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist.