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The Most Acclaimed Private Home Care Providers in Sydney

When it comes to offering NDIS private home care support in Sydney, We Care Disability and Aged Pty Ltd is next to none in terms of professionalism, perfection and promptness. We have in our team some of the most qualified and skilled support providers who would use all their experience and skill, knowledge and dedication to come up with custom home care service for the participants who are in need of the service.

What Makes Our Home Care Service in Sydney Different?

We offer in-home care and support service to adults with physical limitations that are either by birth or sustained through spinal injury, brain injury, mental health diagnosis, developmental disabilities and the likes. We also serve individuals with degenerative neurological conditions.

Besides, our home care service providers in Sydney also offer service to those with complicated and constantly changing health-care needs and those who are coexisting with different psychiatric disabilities and significant behaviours of concerns.

What Our Home Care Service in Sydney Includes?

  • Providing assistance in routine daily chores like showering, toileting, dressing and the likes
  • Assistance in different household tasks like preparing meals, washing the linens and clothes, cleaning the beds and rooms
  • Active overnight and sleepover support
  • Helping in complicated medical needs
  • Positive behavioural support management
  • Clinical support in activities like administering medicines and management of issues like bowel care, administering and changing catheter, dealing with medical conditions like epilepsy, asthma, tube feeding and the likes
  • Community activities like shopping, banking, arranging and attending appointments, carrying out personal administration works
  • Assistance in Laundry, watering, gardening and various other daily household tasks
  • Assistance in taking the prescribed medications
  • Helping in leisure, recreation, and community access
  • Helping it access education as well as employment like the normal individuals, though that would depend upon the gravity of the issue.
  • Decision-making and choosing things
  • Assistance in getting in touch with other support providers as well as community networks
  • Striking and continuing friendships and social networks
  • Assistance in accessing cultural and spiritual activities.
Thus you see, we offer a holistic service in We Care Disability and Aged Pty Ltd and that makes us next to none.

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