Early Childhood Intervention

Early Childhood Intervention

Early Childhood Intervention or ECI is provided support for children under the age of seven. The intention is to alleviate the impact of a child’s impairments at the earliest stage possible, and in doing so, lesson future support needs. At We Care, we understand that every child is different and will tailor support to your child’s individual needs and circumstances.

Attention should be given to children with regards to language, physical, cognitive, and social skills at an early stance to avoid serious medical conditions from arising. For example, cerebral palsy the most common childhood physical disability, can by evaluating a childs milestones and obtaining the appropriate medical history be recognized at an early age, which is a key factor in better recovery outcomes.

The child can then be integrated in physiotherapy activities, be referred to a speech pathologist or a bone surgeon, and be able to practice daily activities on his/her own later on. We see a lot of tragic examples about youngsters who were late to talk or walk and cases in which parents thought it was normal, then end up in a wheelchair, stiff for the rest of their lives.

We may also:

  • Connect you and your child to suited supports in you local area, this may be a supportive playgroup, educational setting or community health center
  • If advised and appropriate, provide the most appropriate short-term early intervention
  • If your child becomes an NDIS participant we will work on developing an NDIS plan that meets the child’s needs appropriately
A range of therapy interventions in a collaborative environment designed to enhance development and maximise the potential of a child who has a developmental delay or is at risk of such delay. Requires additional policies and processes and has specific rules for registration and renewal with the NDIS quality and safeguarding commission.