Disability Support Sydney

Custom NDIS Disability Support Services in Sydney

When it comes to offering NDIS disability support services in Sydney, We Care Disability and Aged Pty Ltd is one of the best in the business with some of the best and the qualified experts in our team.

Thus, whether you are in pursuit of an accommodation, home care, drop-in, live-in or a transitional support service, our highly qualified and skilled caregivers are always more than ready to assist.

What Makes Our NDIS Disability Services in Sydney So Famous?

We Care Disability and Aged Pty Ltd has been offering highly professional disability services in Sydney with care, compassion and professionalism, working together with the participants, helping them to lead an independent life as much as possible, with control and choice and maintaining the quality of social and private life.

We offer our disability support services in Sydney to individuals with a wide array of disabilities and injuries, including those having injury in brain, spinal cord, or having developmental disabilities and various neurological complications. We also serve individuals having complicated and changing health care needs and those who co-exist with psychiatric disabilities and substantial behavioural concerns.

What Do Our NDIS Disability Support Services in Sydney Include?

When it comes to offering NDIS Disability Support Services in Sydney our approach has always been an all-inclusive one, with the following facets being covered by our skilled and qualified support service providers:
  • Assistance in maintaining personal routines and day to days chores like toileting, showering and bathing, dressing and the likes
  • Assistance in household tasks preparing meals, cleaning, preparing meals, bed and dining table, cleaning and other community activities like shopping, going to the laundry
  • Active overnight support where the support provider stays awake
  • Sleepover support where the support provider is available at the bedtime in the might and at the time of getting up from the bed in the morning, and when needs arise for toileting during the night
  • Assistance to meet complex medical needs
  • Support Management for supporting positive behaviour
  • Clinical support including medication administration, managing issues like bowel care, administering and removal of catheter, managing issues like epilepsy, asthma
  • Tube feeding and the likes.

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